Notes on ‘Britz’ Clip (Theory Lesson)

Britz is a two-part drama, directed and written by Peter Kosminsky and broadcasted on Channel 4 in 2007. The drama was produced in response to the 9/11 attacks on New York and the 7/7 bombings.

Clip One

Mum & Sohail are sat on arm chairs next to a small table.

The lighting, Cupcakes (Western product, contrasting with their Muslim/Ethnic connotations) on the table. Knitting. Sohail adopts a Western style of clothing. Sohail is wearing a navy t-shirt, contrasting with the Mothers traditional ethnic fashion. Her style is not absolutely traditional: M&S cardigan & ethnic dress.

 Clip Two

Our stereotypes are challenged when we see a Muslim in traditional dress speak with a British, almost Northern accent. It challenges our expectations.

We then see a Mosque at the end of a very British row of houses, which creates a combination of British & Asian, along with the Western dressed muslims & Ethnic dressed muslims.

 Clip Three

Her bedroom is covered in tapestry and exotic colours, a long with a few Western products like Laptop. Synchronous & diegetic bouncy, relaxing and almost foreign music is playing in the background. Girl has a British accent – challenging expectations.

‘GEORGE BUSH IS THE WORLDS NUMBER 1 TERRORIST’ poster is in the room, expressing Sisters extreme anti-american views. She also has a medical posters on the wall, which are typical stereotypes that foreign people work hard, etc.

Clip Four

(Interview for Mi5)

– Informal style. Leather armchairs and Coffee.

– Asks him awkward questions. At times distant, but again a bit intimate on OTS shots.


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